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Microfilm is a way of retaining material by photographing records. The microfilm appears as negatives and has to be viewed with the use of a reader.

Microfiche is a form of microfilming and each sheet holds 98 images. An image is an A4 document which has been reduced in size 24 times (see Figure 4.11).

Microfiche is used for historical or original documents which many people may wish to see and which would deteriorate if handled. It is widely used to store old medical records. Following a patient’s death the records have to be retained in case they are needed for research purpose or relatives subsequently wish to make a claim for negligence.

Some computer systems can print straight onto microfiche. This is called COM (Computer Output on Microfiche). Organizations which do not have this facility can send their paper records to a microfilm bureau who will photograph, document and mount the copies.

‧the storage of microfilmed material takes up much less space then storing A4 documents

‧there is no need to retain paper copies

‧saves money on storage equipment, eg fewer filing cabinets are needed

‧allows backup copies to be made in case original paper copies are lost or damaged

‧it is cheaper to mail a microfiche version of a document than mailing the original full-size document.

‧expensive equipment needed – camera, platform, machine to put films into “jackets”, reader or a reader with a printer ‧the quality of microfilm deteriorates over time

‧if records have to be kept for a considerable time additional copies will need to be made to replace the version which has deteriorated

‧microfiche needs careful labeling, indexing and storing if it is to be easily located.



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    縮微膠捲是透過給記錄拍照片保留材料的一條路(方法)。 縮微膠捲作為否定的出現和隨讀者(讀物)的使用(用處)而必須觀察。

    縮微膠片是縮微膠捲的一個形式(表格)並且每一個片都保持(握住) 98 個圖像。 圖像是在尺寸中已經減少了 24 倍(次)的 一4 文件(獻) ((參)看 4.11 插圖) 。

    把縮微膠片用作許多人可以(可能)對期望的歷史或者原始的文件(獻)如果處理看(見)以及惡化。 它(這)廣泛用來存儲老(舊)醫學(醫療)記錄。 跟隨有耐心ˇS 死記錄必須保留假如他們由於研究目的(被)需要或者其後相關願望需要為疏忽製造要求。

    一些電腦台系統能夠在縮微膠片直接印刷。 這叫作 COM (縮微膠片上的電腦台輸出(產量)) 。 沒有這個熟練的組織(機構)能夠把他們的紙(文章)記錄送到誰將照片, 文件(獻)和騎馬的縮微膠捲局(社)拷貝。

    縮微膠捲的材料的存儲承擔那時(然後)存儲的較少得多的空間的‧‧沒有需要保留紙(文章)拷貝‧的 一4 文件(獻)在存儲設備上節省錢, 例如 較少的歸檔櫥櫃是需要的‧承認備用支援拷貝以製造假如失去或者損壞原始紙(文章)拷貝‧郵寄文件(獻)的一個縮微膠片版本, 這比郵寄原始完全尺寸文件(獻)更便宜。

    ‧昂貴設備需要的–照相機, 站臺, 如果必須為相當大(多)的時間附加拷貝保存記錄, 用印刷機‧放電影到“夾克”, 讀者(讀物)或者讀者(讀物)裡的機器有時使‧惡化縮微膠捲的品性(品性)將需要製作代替如果它(這)(是)要容易定位, 使‧縮微膠片惡化的版本需要, 小心標明有, 索引和存儲。

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    縮影膠片是藉由照相記錄保有事物的方法。 縮影膠片出現當否定而且必須與讀者的使用一起檢視。單片縮影膠片是縮影膠片的形式,而且每張支撐 98個影像。 一個影像是已經在大小方面被減少 24 次的一個一個 4 文件。(見到圖 4.11)單片縮影膠片作為許多人可能想要看和那一個將會惡化如果被處理的歷史的或者最初的文件。 它廣泛地用來儲存舊的病歷卡。 在 pati 之後

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