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    1. I like to listen to the music or do something else at the same time.

    2.When I listen to rock and roll I will exercise and sing to lose my weight but finally I can't stand the lure of delicious food.

    3.When I listen the R&B songs, I will take my shower and sing but often disturb the neighbors.

    4.When I feel boring or have peaceful mind, I will listen to lyrical songs.

    5. Music is really a good consolation for my soul and mind.

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    1. i love listening to the music while handling other tasks.

    2. when i listen to rock n' roll, i always take exersice and sing at the same time in order to keep fit. however, i just can not refuse delicasies after all.

    3. i like listen to r & b and sing along with the music while taking a bath. but that uauslly annoys my neighbors.

    4. i always listen to soft music when i feel bored or peaceful.

    5. music is really a great comfort for my mind and soul.

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