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英文高手幫忙翻譯 !!!!!!!謝謝




以上請翻成英文  請勿使用翻譯軟體  再次感激

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    To say the truth, suddenly I am not used to writing English diary because I have no custom to keep a dairy usually not to mention in Engilsh. But I think it is a good experience for me to train the English ability and also have the opportunity to make self-examination. In addition,this diary have to be seen by my boss; it is really an interesting experience.

    Today when I clean the warehouse suddenly I find a Spanish book. I really doubt for that wheather it can be sold or not? To skim through, several pages of the words are so fantastic and that can't be described in any word. There is some kind of feeling about wearing glasses but glasses are vague; it is just like my eyes are dizzy and go into anothter world when I read it. Wa, it is such a magic book.

    This magic book arise me the impulse to learn Spanish words because I have great curiosity about the contents of this book. There are too many things for me to learn.

    Learning is eldless, this sentence is so good but I think I should learn English well first.

    O no, I should go to bed soon or I will be late tomorrow, tomorrow there are the handbills waiting for me to send.

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    To say the truth, I'm not used to write english journals so suddenly becasue I don't usally have the habit to write journals, besides i don't even write them in(自己講的語言) it's like impossible for my diaries to be in english...However, I think this is a wonderful experience and opportunity to practice my english. And on the other side I have to let my boss read it everyday, what a wonderful experience to have.

    Today, while cleaning the storehouse, I found a book in Spanish, I wonder if I can sell it? After reading a bit, there're a few pages that are extrodinary and very special, I can't really explain it, but it feels as if you're wearing glasses but there's fog everywhere, and you can't belive your eyes. After you read awhile , you kind of enter another world~ what a magical book!!

    This magical book makes you want to learn Spanish badly, and because of mine curiosity to know despertly what's in the book. There's still alot of things that I have to learn!

    '' There's always more to learn'' This phrase is very true, but I still wish to learn English before I do anything else! Actually, I think I should go to bed before!!

    Or I'll be late tommorow, and there's still leaflets waiting to be send and pass out!!

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