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    Euthanasia Law and Policy

    The issue of euthanasia receives abundant attention in relation to various medico-legal and philosophical arguments, but to date little serious consideration has been given to policy models for safeguarding euthanasia decisions. In the event that euthanasia or assisted suicide becomes legal in Canada, it is vital that careful consideration be given to ensuring that the implementation of such legislation is socially responsible.

    In Canada, three private member’s bills have attempted to address various aspects of euthanasia and end-of-life decision-making. Each has failed to pass through Parliament:

    • Bill C-203:1 Relieves physicians of the legal obligation to administer treatment against a patient’s expressed wishes. Brings the Criminal Code into balance with the existing common law right to refuse treatment, and “would also protect a physician who administers pain killing treatment to a patient even though the effect of that treatment will hasten death.”

    • Bill C-261:2 Would legalize euthanasia and protect physicians in situations where pain-killing treatment simultaneously hastens death. Also clarifies concerns raised by the Law Reform Commission of Canada about criminal liability for not initiating or withdrawing treatment at the request of a patient.

    • Bill C-215:3 Introduced by MP Svend Robinson. Proposes the decriminalization of physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill persons.



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