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what if 的用法 ?

what if  的用法 ?我知道是  假使怎麼樣......呢?可是我還是不會用ㄟ有人可以造個例句幫我解釋嗎 ?


大家都不錯 真素的 ^^"

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    When people discuss all the posibilities of doing something, everybody may try to offer you some ideas. They can say, " what if we do.....?" it is the way to bring out the suggestion.A: I do not know how to tell him that I want to break up with him.B: What if just tell him that you need to focus on school and do not have enough energy and time for keeping this relationship.C: Or you can just tell him that you do not love him any more.

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    What if 的意思是 " ...... 會怎樣呢?" 句子都是用現在式



    或 如果事情發生(尤其是不好的事),那麼結果又會如何呢?

    例句: What if I fail the exam?

    What if it rains tomorrow?' 'We'll just have to postpone it.'

    What if Jenny turns down my invitations?


    例句:What if we moved the sofa over here? Would that look better?

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    what if

    意義: used to ask about something that could happen in the future, especially something bad(用來問某事可能會發生.特別指壞的事)

    what if 後面接一個 現在簡單式的句子

    例如: What if the train is late? (假如火車誤點呢?)

    What if you don't pass your exams? (假如你沒有通過考試呢?)

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    What if 後要加 S+V

    例:What if the rumour is true?--->萬一謠傳真有其事呢?

    例:What if I fall in love with him?--->假如我真的愛上他了該怎麼辦呢?

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    what if後面直接加主詞動詞即可

    它的意思就是 如果....怎麼半

    A: Do you want to go to a movie with me tonight??

    B:What if I cannot finish my homework on time??


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