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Despite the importance of claims handling practices to consumers and insurers, relatively little research has been done in this area. Our purpose here is to consider one aspect of automobile bodily injury liability claims management: the assignment of fault across parties as judged by the insured defendant's claims adjuster. Because legal fault assessment directly affects whether a defendant is held liable, and if so, for how much, this aspect of claims management is significant. We use accident data from the 1997 Insurance Research Council Closed Claim Survey to test for relationships between fault assessment and gender, age, and state comparative negligence rules. Controlling for actual fault, we find a greater assessment of fault against female, young, and elderly drivers. The results of the study are of interest to insurers seeking to provide better customer service, to consumer advocacy groups interested in claims settlement practices, and to insurance regulators.

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    不在乎要求處理的重要練習到消費者和保險公司,相對小的研究已經在這一個區域中被做。 我們的目的這裡是考慮身體的受傷責任要求管理的汽車的一個方面: 橫過如被保險的被告要求調整者所判斷的黨過失的任務。因為合法的過失評估直接地影響一個被告是否被維持有義務,而且如果如此,為多少,要求管理的這一個方面是重要的。 我們使用被關閉要求調查為過失評估和性別,年齡之間的關係測試的來自 1997 保險研究會議的意外事件資料,而且州比較級疏忽規則。 為真實的過失控制,我們發現對抗女性的﹐年輕的﹐和年老的駕駛員的一個過失的更棒評估。 研究的結果是與尋求提供更好的消費者服務的保險公司有相關,到對要求感興趣解決練習的消費者擁護團體,和到保險調整者。

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