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請幫我中翻英一封我要寫給別人的信 20點哦


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    我很驚訝的收到了你寄來的信,(真的很謝謝你)很受感動。I was so suprised to receive your letter. I was very touched.四個多月沒見了,你現在過的如何呢,我想你應該比以前更忙吧,因為又多了一個小baby。We have not seen each other for four months. How are you now? I guess you must be busy than ever. The reason for it is beacause you got a little baby.我目前則是過著忙碌的生活,白天上學晚上補習,4月30日就是考試的那一天,我要為那一天好好努力。有時候我會找老師談談生涯規劃,或許他的建議對我來說是有用的。I am also busy. I study during the day time, and attend a school to reinforce my study at night. The exam date is fixed on 30th of April. I need study very hard for this exam. Sometimes I would ask my teacher/lecturer regarding my study plan. I think that his/her suggestion will be useful for me.如果你有空的話其實可以打給我,找我去你家附近吃個飯,我一定奉陪哦!If you are free, do remember to give me a call sometimes. If you wish to go out for lunch/dinner in nearby restaurant, I would like to go with you.

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    I very surprised have received the letter which you mails, really very

    much thank you. More than four months had not seen, you now how, did

    I think you should before was busier than, because many small b a b y.

    I at present am the life which bustles about, daytime goes to school

    the evening to enroll in supplementary lessons, on April 30 is the

    test that one day, I must for that one day well diligently. Some times

    I can ask teacher to chat the profession plan, perhaps his suggestion

    to me said is useful. If you have spatial actually to be allowed to

    hit for me, asks me to go to nearby your family to eat a food, I

    certainly accompany oh!

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