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又要麻煩各位幫我翻譯(不要翻譯軟體)謝謝 中翻英


(當英語成為我們的第二外語時,發音變成我們最大的障礙,要說的一口流利標準的英語,絕不是光憑死讀書就可以作得到。為了幫助ESL藉由英標說好一口英語,我提出了幾個方法。首先,就是要把英標背熟。回憶一下在幼稚園時,你是如何把注音符號被出來的吧!英標也是如此,唯有靠熟背才能讓你把英標底子打好。接下來就是練習,譬如說妳可以聽廣播教學,盡量選擇由英標作為教材的書,一邊聽一邊讀。第二,就是先背一些單字,短的單字可以直接背,長的單字就用拆音節的方式。如cor‧res‧pon‧dent, 把大字拆成小字。再記字根字首,如pre- 預先, dict 說→ predict 先說→ 預測。這個方法不但可以幫助你把快速學會音標,也能夠增加背單字的速度。第三,學習發音,模仿是很重要的一個管道。當你確定的一個字的正確發音後,就要不斷的重複練習,直到深入腦海如母語一般才算真的學會,據研究報導指出,至少要唸36遍才可以深植在腦海裡。第四,目前網路上有許多幫助你藉由音標來練習發音的網站,我提供下列幾個網址做為參考:



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    When become the second foreign language of ours in English , pronounce and become our greatest obstacle, fluently standard English wanted to say is not the light definitely can be made and got according to studying mechanically. For help ESL is it agree first English to mark by Great Britain, I propose several methods . First of all , should just mark Great Britain and carry and is familiar with. Remember at kindergarten, you how come out phonetic notation symbol! Great Britain it marks to be like this too, by familiar to is it let you mark Great Britain bottom play well to carry only. And then exercise, say you can listen to radio teaching , is it is it is it regard book of teaching material as to mark by Great Britain to choose to try one's best, read while hearing . Second, recite some single characters first , the short single character can be recited directly, the long single character is just by means of dismantling the syllable. Such as correspondent , dismantle the big character into a small character. And then write the word root prefix, such as pre - In advance, dict says ¡ú Predict says first ¡ú Prediction. The method can help you learn phonetic symbol fast , can is it carry speed of single character to increase. Third, learn to pronounce, it is a very important channel to imitate. After the correct pronunciation of word, constant repeated exercise soon as one that you confirm, did not calculate until deepen the brain like mother tongue and really learn , pointed out according to the report of studying, if reading 36 times at least , can just plant it in the brain deeply .


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