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1. aim at  針對2. all walks of life   各行各業3. and so on  等等4. apart from   除了...之外5. arm oneself  提供給某人五個片語  都造ㄧ句 造句

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    1. aim at  針對The new rule aims at reducing the loss of accident.新的規定係針對減少意外事故而訂。2. all walks of life   各行各業The meeting involved people from all walks of life.與會者來自各行各業3. and so on  等等The presents that I have gotten werebooks, stationery, a MP3 player and so on.我收到的禮物包括書籍,文具,MP3等等4. apart from   除了...之外Apart from eating an apple,I have some bread for breakfastevery day.我每天早餐除了吃一顆蘋果外,還會吃點麵包5. arm oneself  提供給某人Before going fishing, my mother armed herself with some lotion.

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