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Anonymous asked in 美容與造型護膚與美體 · 2 decades ago









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  • 銘哥
    Lv 7
    2 decades ago
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    Milk visit the barber can make skin delicate, hair dark black fa liang liang.Fragrant thick delicious milk or like making up scholars de "requisite secret weapon "!as known to all, drink milk, milk bathe all is lead to "skin like congealed fat "this' a highest bound de shortcut, but properly take advantage of milk continence a membrane, too have never not live at home beauty's superciliary a magic weapon oh.     a, frozen milk's slow a day wound's skin     not speak do not know, aboriginal milk not only can to skin's nutrition, and base on jiao vegetable effect, also's ens antiphlogistic, decrease swelling and alleviate skin nervous efficacy. So while enjoy finish behind sun bath, if discover facial reason insolate but get a burn wheal, can take advantage of milk come take care.     first of all, as frozen milk come wash face, then punish piece oves faces smear on soak milk de make up cotton, or as thin towel dipping on milk smear at send scald affected part. If whole body all have pain feel, there be no harm in soak a soak milk bathe, this, then can make incur skin sunlight damage de can slow, decrease pain and prevent inflammation de bring forth.     two, milk's a membrane go ruck and beauty white     milk include abundant breast fat, vitamin with mineral, will have nature protect shi effect, and easy skin absorbed, can prevent skin dryness, and can retrieve dry lines, visit the barber effect pole good, advocate natural visit the barber de you there be no harm in try. 

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