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In your opinion, what is art? What is not considered art? Give examples to each and explain your answer.

In your opinion, who is the most innovative artist of time? Explain your answer.


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    What is Art? It develops the aesthetical theories that bloomed at the end of the eighteenth century and during the nineteenth century, thus criticizing the realistic position and the shallow, existing link between art and pleasure. It stressed the emotional importance pivots on the value of communication. Art must create a specific emotional link between artist and audience, one that infects the viewer. Thus, real art requires the capacity to unite people via communication . It encourages an intuitive understanding rather than a rational understanding, as, for example, with an article in a scientific journal (this is not art). It was created with the intention of evoking such an understanding, or an attempt at such an understanding, in the audience.


    Michael Jackson has been fully behind this project and the originality of the first ever dual disc single idea typifies the creativity of one of the most innovative artist in our lifetime. The quality of each single, having the audio on one side and the video on the other, is a compelling proposition for his fans. Starting January 23, 2006, SonyBMG will release one single each week for a five-month run, mirroring last year's campaign for Elvis Presley's singles reissue. "Thriller" and "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" are the first to drop, released simultaneously on January 23, followed by "Rock With You", "Billy Jean" and many other of his biggest hits. The campaign ends May 29th with "Blood On The Dancefloor".

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