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In what ways has the field of medicine and medical technology changed in recent years?

Do you think that robotic instruments make surgery safer or more dangerous? Why?


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    Nanotechnology, the new science of making tiny structures, has great potential in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. For example, nanoparticles have been created that, after being injected into the bloodstream, can find and diagnose tumors at their earliest stage. Nanosensors have been developed to find tiny amounts of tumor markers in the blood, which could also allow much earlier diagnosis of cancer. Still other nanoparticles have been created that find cancer deep in the body and then deposit powerful, toxic medicines just in the cancerous cells, sparing healthy ones. Nanotechnology hasn't yet led to major changes in medical practice, but it is bound to do so.

    Cloning involves the creation of an embryo with the specific DNA of a donor whose tissue was used to produce it. The theory is that stem cells harvested from such a cloned embryo will be used to treat that individual.


    Yes. This technology is here now. It is being practiced in at least 40 per cent of operations in the UK and other countries. It can mean less pain, faster recovery, a shorter period of being disabled, going back to work earlier and no scars. In addition, the robotic surgery method would benefit patients as they would recover more quickly and heal without scars. Currently, the robot then delicately performs the operation by mimicking the wrist movements of another surgeon who is sitting at a computer console. Advantages include being able to make tiny movements for intricate procedures while remaining absolutely steady. In future, experts believe the robots will be developed to crawl inside the body and perform procedures so that cuts do not have to be made to the body at all.

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