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APPLE: 我點奶油拉麵

MERRY: 我點海鮮拉麵

BOSS: 我的是味噌拉麵


APPLE: 不要!我都吃不夠了

BOSS: 我的分你好了

MERRY: 你人好好….

--------------------------------------- 吃 飽 後 ----------------------------------------

MERRY: 好滿足喔

APPLE: 這樣多少錢?

BOSS: 我的150元,APPLE的120元,MERRY的160元

MERRY: 啊!我忘記帶錢包

APPLE: 那我們從後門偷偷溜出去好了

BOSS: 不行!那我請客好了

APPLE&MERRY: 耶!真是太棒了!

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    APPLE: I order Cream favor noodle (ramen)

    MERRY: I order Sea food noodles (ramen)

    BOSS: Mine is Miso noodles (ramen)

    MERRY: Apple, I want to eat yours

    APPLE: no way! It is not even enough for me.

    BOSS: alright I will give you some

    MERRY: You are so nice…….

    --------------------------------------- After the meal----------------------------------------

    MERRY: Gosh, I feel so satisfy

    APPLE: How much is it?

    BOSS: Mine 150, Apple 120 and Merry 160

    MERRY: Oh my gosh! I forgot my wallet.

    APPLE: Then, let’s slip out from the back door.

    BOSS: No Way!! This will be my treat

    APPLE&MERRY: Yea!!! That is terrific!!!!

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    APPLE: I ordered butter ramen.

    MERRY: I ordered seafood ramen.

    BOSS: Mine's Miso ramen

    MERRY: I like your's better APPLE, can I have some?

    APPLE: No! There isn't enought for my self already.

    BOSS: I'll give you some.

    MERRY: You're such a nice guy...

    --------------------------------After eating-----------------------------------

    MERRY: I'm satisfied.

    APPLE: How much does out meal cost?

    BOSS: Mine's 150$. APPLE's is 120$. MERRY's is 160$.

    MERRY: Oh! I forgot my wallet!

    APPLE: Then lets sneak out through the back door.

    BOSS: No! I'll pay for you guys.

    APPLE&MERRY: Yay! That would be great!

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