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    Happy New Year my dear classmates

    This year will come to an end on Saturday this week and Sunday will be a new start.

    What's your new expectation toward new year?

    Those who will go to join the count down for meet new year don't forget to take good care of yourselves and keep warm.

    Here I bless all of you healthy and go smooth in everything in the new year.

    I love you all forever.

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    Happy New Year! Everyone~

    This Saturday will be the New Year's Eve.

    What are your wishes and plans for next year?

    For those who will go to the New Year's Eve party, please take care of yourself.

    Here I wish everyone everything is going well next year.

    Sincerely yours.

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    Happy New Year to all students~

    This year is comming to an end on this Saturday,

    and the Sunday following is going to be a whole new beginning.

    Anyone has any new anticipation and goals for the new year?

    As for the students who are going to count down parties, please take good care of yourselves and dress warm.

    I wish everyone again of good health and luck in the new year.

    I, the one who love all of you forever.

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    Happy New Year, everyone~

    This year will end on this Saturday~

    It's a new begining on Sunday~

    Do you have any expectations on new year?

    Don't forget to take care and keep warm by yourselves when you go to celebrate the New year's Eve on Saturday.

    Well.. I wish you guys are health and everythings will be alright!

    love you forever

    [your name]

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