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商業英文翻譯 ~ 不要軟體翻譯 10點

This leaves only two complementary options: the entry of private universities into the market and the introduction of tuition fees in public universities for those capable of paying.

The virtual ban on private universities in India is most puzzling.Many students would be willing to spend significant sums of money for a decent education, as shown by the expenditures they currently incur at U.S. universities. Given the high private returns to higher education, there is also a good case for the introduction of significant tuition fees in public universities to generate funds for the expansion and improvement of the quality of education.

Having got India on its feet in the'90s, Mr.Singh must now push reforms further to ensure that it can walk briskly on two legs. He has a historic opportunity to build a modern India and he must not miss it.

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    這只交給兩種補充的選擇︰ 為能支付的那些的私立大學進入市場和在公共大學的學費的引進。 關於在印度的私立大學的虛擬的禁令是大多數puzzling.Many 學生將願意為相當好的教育花費錢的相當多的總數 、象透過他們目前在美國承擔的支出顯示的那樣  大學。  給高等教育的高的私人返回 、那裡 也是在公共大學的顯著的學費的引進產生教育的質量的擴大和改進的資金流通的好箱。 在' 90年代的它的腳上有印度 、Mr.Singh現下必須更進一步推改革保證它能在兩條腿上輕快走。  他有一次有歷史意義的機會建造現代印度,他不可錯過它。  

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