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我們很高興給你公司寄去這封自薦信,希望能夠與貴方建立友好的業務關係,互通有無,互惠互利。 隨函附上最新的商品目錄和價目單,希望你對其中的某些電器會感興趣。 一旦收到你方的詢函,我們會向你報上最優惠價格,因為這些都是我們自己生產的產品而且又直接出口給你方的。

希望能有機會與你接洽。 敬上




我們從霍桑斯、哈洛爾公司了解到貴公司是馬來西亞化妝品的主要出口商。因此我們很想儘早與貴公司建立直接的業務關係。 我們公司跟這裡的許多化妝品經銷商一直保持良好的業務關係。假如貴公司能給我們優惠報盤,毫無疑問我們能夠銷售大量的化妝品。 盼早日賜回音。


我們從貴國駐漢城使館商務參贊那裡得悉你公司的地址,參贊先生告訴我們貴公司正準備進口紡織品。所以我們特地去函想跟貴公司建立業務關係。 自從1979年來我們一直經營紡織品的出口,在東南亞有許多客戶。現附上最新的商品目錄和兩本樣品說明書,供你挑選你感興趣的產品。



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    塞不下去 字超過2000了= =

    1.To whom may it be concerned:

    We are very glad to post this introductory letter to your company, hope to establish friendly business relations with you, exchange each other's needs, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. Enclose the latest goods catalogue and quotation form, hope that you will be interested in some electric apparatuses among them . Once receive your asking the letter, we will offer the best prices to you, because all these give you while being directly exported again we products that oneself produce.

    Hope to have an opportunity to consult with you. Truly yours

    2005-12-27 23:37:48 補充:

    3.We know from Horthon then , Kazakhstan Lip river Company that your company is a main exporter of the Malaysian cosmetics

    2005-12-27 23:38:18 補充:

    So we want to establish direct business relations with your company as soon as possible very much. Our company has been keeping the good business relations with a lot of cosmetics distributors here all the time.

    2005-12-27 23:38:53 補充:

    If your company can give us a favourable offer , undoubtedly we can sell a large amount of cosmetics. Wish to grant the echo as soon as possible.

    2005-12-27 23:39:13 補充:

    4.Where from the commercial counselor of Embassy in Seoul of your country do we learn about the address of your company, the counsellor gentleman tells us that your company is planning to import the fabrics.

    2005-12-27 23:39:24 補充:

    So we write to and want to establish the business relations your company specially. Since we have dealt in the export of the fabrics over the past 1979 years, there are a lot of customers in Southeast Asia.

    2005-12-27 23:39:51 補充:

    Enclose the latest goods catalogue and two samples manual , the products for you to select you to be interested in now.

    好囉 = = 累....

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