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小玉 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

可以幫我翻這段文字嗎?中翻英 感激不盡

麥當勞有什麼 ?有漢堡薯條和可樂.這些就是速食.讓人可以快速拿取食物帶走.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    What does McDonald have? It has burgers, french fries and coke. These are fast foods, which can be taken away quickly. McDonald is a popular fast food chain and spread out to everywhere in the world. The reasons of why it's so popular are: firstly, the quality of its food are assured and maintained, so that people don't have to concern about it. Secondly, their service is friendly and customers feel that they are respected. It's also convenient and efficient when ordering food. Thirdly, McDonald does public welfare activities, which enhance its publc relation. It helps charities, and the make customers to participate in donations. People may think that fast food is junk food. Actually, it will be fine if you can control the frequency of having fast food. How McDonal is so popular all over the world, this worths other corporations to learn from it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What does McDonald have? It has burgers, french fries and coca cola. All of these are fast foods, which allows customers to get them quickly. McDonald is a fast food chain store. They are extremely popular. McDonald store are located all over the world. THe reason why they are popular is because of the following reasons: First is because they are very careful about the quality and safety of their food, which makes their customers feel safe when eating. The second reason is, because they serve their customers very politely, making the customers feel like they are well respected. It is also very easy for the customers to order food. And it also saves alot of time. The third reason is, because of the public services they provide, which also allowed them to gain alot of positive reputation from the public. McDonald knows how to help the society and the poors. They also encourage their customers to join them in doing good for the society in their services. People may think fast food is junk food. However, as long as we know how to control ourselves, then there isn't anything wrong about it. This is why McDonald is so well known all over the world. Many company or businesses should learn from him.

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