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英翻中 急件 謝謝 一定要清楚喔 破產了 20點

not only protected roof coverings but also converings for industrial facilities allowing in this way a visual inspection of the resistant support or the formation of slopes without special requirements of UV rays exposure. Terraces basements and underground car parks.

coverings exposed or not to UV rays and terraces where high dimensional stability and

mechanical resistance is required. Basements and underground car parks very demanding from a mechanical point of view.

converings not exposed to UV raus where high dimensional stability and mechanical resistance are required. Basements and undergroud car parks with high mechanical demands.

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    為這樣允許沒有紫外線的特別需求的反抗的支持一次視覺檢驗或者傾斜的形成工業的設備不但保護了屋頂覆蓋而且 converings 射出光線暴露。 臺地地下室和地下的停車場。

    覆蓋暴露到紫外線光線和臺地在哪裡高的空間安定和機械的抵抗被需要。 地下室和地下的汽車停車非常從機械觀點要求。

    converings 不暴露

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