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此曲是由Richard Carpenter和一位與他們兩兄妹極為要好的朋友John Bettis合寫的。

John Bettis與Richard Carpenter合作寫了不少Carpenters的歌曲,

而John Bettis更公開表示視Karen Carpenter如親妹,可惜Karen Carpenter很快便離開了人世!



最重要的,就是只有心上人,那種感覺,如夢似仙,就像站在世界之巔,Top Of The World一般的飄飄然。



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    希望你能接受我自己的翻譯,也希望有幫上你的忙 ^^ !

    This song was written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis, who was a very close friend to the brother and sister.

    John Bettis and Richard Carpenter had written many famous songs for The Carpenters. And John Bettis even said in public that Karen Carpenter was like his own little sister. Regrettably Karen Carpenter had died way too young.

    People in love are happy, everything is wonderful in their eyes : beautiful clouds, beautiful sky, fun could be found even in the light breeze. Likewise, everything else in the world seem to be less important, the most important one is the one they love. That kind of feeling is like being in a dream, just like sitting on the top of the world.

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    This is that extremely the best friend John Bettis wrote jointly with two brother and sister of theirs by Richard Carpenter and one.

    John Bettis and Richard Carpenter have cooperated in writing the song of many Carpenters,

    And John Bettis shows and looks at Karen Carpenter publicly even more that kisses the sister, it's a pity that Karen Carpenter leaves this world quickly!

    The person taking a shower in loving the sea is happy , in their eyes, all things in the world are beautiful,

    The cloud is beautiful too, it too beautiful, can find enjoyment either in gentle breeze even, but same, everything seems to be less important in the world,

    It is the most important, just there is only a sweetheart, that kind of feeling, is like the celestial being such as the dream, just as stand in the peak of the world, Top Of The World is general and smug.


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