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    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    The Baudelaire siblings are likable and clever, and so are the young actors cast as them.

    Violet(Emily Browning), age 14, is one of the greatest young inventors the world has ever known. Her brother Klaus(Liam Aiken), age 12, is a reader and researcher of extraordinary knowledge and skill. And their baby sister Sunny(Kara Hofman and Shelby Hofman) has sharper teeth than most beavers.

    Unfortunately, none of this can alter the fact that after their parents perish in a terrible fire, the Baudelaires are placed in the care of Count Olaf, a man who is either a demented evil genius, an egomaniacal actor, Jim Carrey, or all three. Aided by a troupe of theatrical misfits, he hatches one outrageous plot after another to get his hands on the orphan's vast inheritance, like the one involving the train.

    After not being run over by a train, the Baudelaire children are removed from Count Olaf's care and go to live with their Uncle Monty(Billy Connolly), a renowned snake expert. Things end badly after the arrival of a suspicious lab assistant named Stephano, a phrase which here means "Count Olaf in disguise." The children are then shuffled off to their fearful Aunt Josephine's (Meryl Streep). Sadly, disaster ensues, due to the appearance of a mysterious peg-legged sailor, an expression which here means, "Would Jim Carrey with a peg-leg fool you?" Alarmingly, Count Olaf then hatches his most dastardly plot of all - a play whose real-life conclusion will give him control of the Baudelaire fortune!

    The Baudelaires will have to stick together and use every ounce of courage, ingenuity, and strong rope at their disposal if they are to stop Count Olaf. They may also require a different script. Regardless, the Series of Unfortunate Events they confront is sure to leave viewers of all ages in utter hysterics.


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