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1.Why is the Alcazar expensive?

2.which events are interesting to you?Why?

3.Which events are not interesting to you?Why?

4.What Kinds of music do you like to dance to?

5.Which movie is probably good for children?Why?

6.Which movies do you think are good?Why?

7.Which movies do you think aren’t good?Why?

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    1. It is expensive because it is very costly to build.

    2. Events like popstar concert is very interesting to me because I enjoy listening to pop music very much.

    3. Political events are not interesting to me because it is usually very long and boring.

    4. Hippop music is the kind of music that I like to dance to.

    5. I believe Harry Potter is a good movie choice for children because the adventures in the movie is very fun; furthermore, children will increase their imagination and creativity.

    6. I think the movies that are good most gives a great direction and serves a purpose. The movies should promote themes or at least entertaining. Some great example will be the "Spiderman" and "Titanic". Spiderman teaches the fact that "Great Power comes with Great Responisbility." It teaches us to be brave. On the other hand, Titanic is a romantic story that simply provides laughs and tears which is a very entertaining movie.

    7. I think the movies that aren't good will be the movies that are extremely violent and does not serve any purpose.

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