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用翻譯軟體也可 但使語意通順

From a small village celebration started some 75 years ago when members of the Valley Hunt Club decorated their surreys with flowers to celebrate the ripening of the oranges, it has grown into an internationally renowned event. Three and a half million spectators line the Pasadena streets and another 70 million television viewers watch miles of flower-bedecked floats transform the city into a make-believe world of beauty and imagination. Each year there are 50 or 60 floats made entirely of live flowers, mostly from Southern California, although some are shipped in from the Netherlands, Africa and Hawaii. Some depict storybook characters. others suggest the sponsor's hallmark, and some represent abstract ideas. Exotic figures from the Arabian Nights and such fabulous personages as Jack and the Bean Stalk Enchant the children as well as their parents. Giant flower-covered animals bow to the onlookers and mysteriously articulate, "Happy New animals bow to the onlookers and mysteriously articulate, "Happy New Year," while a gardenia-encrusted world revolves slowly above a platform where marigolds spell out PEACE; and the float carrying the Citrus Queen sprays orange-scented perfume along the parade route. Preparation for the New Year's parades and games represents a year-long effort. Themes, floats and entertainment are planned far in advance and teams of professionals spend months creating the floats. The queens and their courts are usually elected from college student bodies, and before they mount their flowery thrones they are presented at gala coronation balls.

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    從一個小的村莊慶祝75 年以前開始一些, 當漢特俱樂部山谷的成員用花裝飾他們的雙排座四人小客車慶祝橙的使成熟時,它已經發展成為一次國際上著名的事件。 3 和一半 街道那些帕薩迪納產品百萬個參觀者和另外7000萬名電視觀眾看英里花裝飾漂浮把城市轉變成世界的美麗和想像的假裝。 每年那裡是活花的完全做的50或者60只浮標, 主要從南加利福尼亞,雖然一些被在從荷蘭,非洲和夏威夷裝運。 一些描繪故事書人物。 其它人建議發起人的標記,並且一些描述抽象理念。 來自<<一千零一夜>> 和象傑克和豆梗這樣的極好的人物的奇特的數字迷住孩子以及他們的父母。 對那些旁觀者的巨大花覆蓋的動物鞠躬和神祕發音清楚, "對那些旁觀者的愉快的新動物鞠躬和神祕發音清楚", 愉快的新年,"當一個梔子屬覆有沈積物的世界在萬壽菊詳細說明和平的一個平台上方緩慢地旋轉時; 並且傳播沿著檢閱路線的柑橘屬王后水霧橙發覺的香水的浮標。 新年的檢閱和比賽的準備描述一次連續一年的努力。 主題,漂浮,娛樂提前很多天被計畫,專業人士的隊花費幾月建立浮標。 女王和他們的法庭通常被從學院學生團契選舉,並且在他們安裝他們的花的寶座之前,他們被在盛會加冕禮球提出。

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