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Preparation for the party includes planning what one will wear. If it is a formal affairs, men will wear tuxedos and the ladies will put on their most elegant gowns. And even small parties mean "dressing up." But if it is a masked ball, "dressing up" takes another form. The guests vie for the most original, exotic, humorous or appealing costume. Hidden behind a mask or domino, dignity and care are cast aside, and not until unmasking at midnight must the party-goers discard the illusion of their changed personalities.

Not everyone goes to a party, but almost everyone makes an occasion of New Year's Eve. A favorite place to see the old year out is New York City's Times Square. Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists crowd this famous spot (at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue) and crane their necks to watch for "Happy New Year" to flash across the electronically controlled sign tract that circles the Allied Chemical Tower. When the moment arrives bedlam breaks forth. Bells ring, whistles blow, people cheer with unrestrained exuberance. This chaotic scene is repeated in public squares throughout the country, but not at the same moment. Because of the four time zones in the United States the New Year comes to the Central States one hour later, to the Mountain States two hours later, and finally to the Western States three hours after the Eastern States have noisily said good-bye to another year. So by following the radio and television broadcasts everyone can enjoy the festivities in other parts of the country as well as their own.

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    為黨的準備包括計劃一將戴的。 如果它是正式的事件,男人將穿著男士無尾半正式晚禮服,而且淑女將穿上他們的最優雅的睡衣。 而且甚至小的黨意謂”穿衣增加". 但是如果它是一個化裝舞會, " 穿衣提高 " 採取另一種形式。 客人爭奪最初的﹐異國的﹐和風趣的或引起興趣的裝束。 藏在一個面具或多米諾骨牌,尊嚴和照料後面被投旁白,而且不直到在午夜脫去假面具必須黨-行人丟棄他們的幻影

    不是每個人去一個黨,但是幾乎每個人製造新年的前夕場合。一個喜歡的事物放置見到那去年在外是紐約市的泰晤士報廣場。數以千計紐約客和觀光客擁擠這個出名的地點 (在百老匯和第七條大街的十字路口)而且伸頸他們的脖子看 " 快樂的新年 " 閃現過包圍聯盟的化學塔電子受約束的符號廣闊的地面。 當片刻往前到達混亂休息的時候。鈴戒指,吹口哨打擊, 人們以沒有抑制的茂盛鼓舞。 混亂的現場在國家各處在公眾的正方形中被重複,但是不在相同的片刻。 因為在四個時區中在美國新年一小時之後到達中央的美國,二小時之後對山美國,和最後到在東方美國已經吵鬧地說西方美國三小時之後再見到另年。 如此藉由跟隨收音機和電視廣播每個人能享受 ot 的歡宴

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