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    你已經那麼瘦了!還要再減肥啊!?1. You’ve been so skinny already! Why do you need to be on diet again?? 2. You're already so skinny! Why would you want to lose more weight?

  • 伯伯
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    You are already so thin!You want to lose more weight!?

    Source(s): 在國外六年的我
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    Why are you losing weight again when you are so skinny/bony/thin?

  • Neil
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    你已經那麼瘦了!You have been already so thin! 還要再減肥啊!?Reduce weight again!?You already that were thin! Also must again lose weight! ? 

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have been already so thin! Reduce weight again !?

    Source(s): Dr.eye
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