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中翻英 請幫翻譯同意書~~急


本人 於中華民國94年12月22日,假借看醫生之名,讓本人主管簽署同意外出,卻未前往醫院看診,而自行前往朋友住處會面,欺騙公司主管,造成公司管理上之困擾,本人深感抱歉,且願接受扣薪新台幣3000元之罰款,並於中華民國94年12月份之薪資中扣除,並承諾絕不再犯,如有相同情事發生,本人願意無條件接收遣返。特立此同意書為證。


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    I (name) made my supervisor signed for my outgo by the reason of seeing a doctor in the 22nd of December, year 94 of the calendar of the Republic of China. However, I had not gone to the doctor, but went to meet my friend in her place. I deceived my supervisor, and caused troubles in the managing of my company. I am terribly sorry for what I did, and willing to accept a punishment of NT$3,000, which will deduct in my salary of December, year 94 of the calendar of the Republic of China. Furthermore, I promise I will not commit again, and accept to be repatriated unconditionally if same thing happens in the future.

    Draw up this agreement especially for testimony.



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    Statement ( 不建議用 Agreement, 因此為單方面聲明,非雙方共同具筆之文件)

    I, Name, applied sick leave for go to hospital from my supervisor on December 22,2005 but went to meet my friend at his/ her place. This conduct cheats my supervisor and caused my company trouble in management. I am very sorry for this and willing to take the fine of NT$3,000. as a punishment of cheating and guaranty not to have this happened again. The fine will be deducted from my salary of December 2005. I hereby that I won’t make the same mistake again and if I do, I will be send back to my country under no other conditions.

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    同意書 Letter of consent 本人 於中華民國94年12月22日,假借看醫生之名,讓本人主管簽署同意外出,卻未前往醫院看診,而自行前往朋友住處會面,欺騙公司主管,造成公司管理上之困擾,本人深感抱歉,且願接受扣薪新台幣3000元之罰款,並於中華民國94年12月份之薪資中扣除,並承諾絕不再犯,如有相同情事發生,本人願意無條件接收遣返。I was December 22, the 94th year of the Republic of China in China, made use of the name that sees the doctor, let one's own executive sign and agree to go out, but has not gone to the hospital to see and examine, and go to friend's accommodation to meet by oneself, cheat company's executive, the puzzlement causing the company to be managerial, I feel sorry deeply, and wish to accept and deduct the fine of 3000 yuan of a new Taiwan dollar of firewood, and deduct in the wages of December of the 94th year of the Republic of China of China, promise to never recommit, if have the same feeling thing happen, I would like to receive and repatriate unconditionally.  特立此同意書為證。It is a card to specially set up this letter of consent.  立同意書人Set up the people of letter of consent

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    Agree the book

    Oneself on December 22th in Year 94 of the Republic of China, that make use of to go for a doctor, let oneself the supervisor signs the approval egress, but dids not goes to the hospital to see the 診 , and by oneself go to the friend the abode meeting, cheating the company supervisor, causing the company managed the harassment of top, oneself feel keenly to excuse me, and wish to accept the penal sum of buttonning up the salary NT$3000, and in December of Year 94 of the Republic of China of deduct in the salary, and promise to make again in no case, if have the same matter occurrence, oneself would like to be unconditional to receive to send back.Especially sign this approval book as certificate.

    Sign to agree the book person

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