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英文短篇作文翻譯:How to relieve stress

要有五段 一段要有6個sentence以上

第一段是 introduction 最後一段是conclution 中間三段是述說



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    How to Relieve Stress

    A newspaper I read today says that another high school student commited suicide again. It is the third case in this week. The student was given too much pressure by parents and school, which was seen too heavy for a high school kid. Conclution to the case is that the kid commited suicide because of stressness. Is there anyway to prevent this incident from happening?

    First of all, identifying the causes to the stressness is necessary. Stressness is the most common sickness withnessed nowaday, from primary students to even retired people. These people share a common symptom, which is depression. Therefore, a happy person does not feel stress. Depression occurs when something againt your will is taking place. Somehow, everyone has already experienced that. However, not everyone is commiting suicide.

    For some people, depression doesnt look really terrible, for the reason they know how to deal with it. Also, when they are experiencing something against their will, they will take it as a callenge. Therefore, depression does not occur instantly in this type of people. However, stress will still occur when they cannot find any solution to the problem. If this really happens, there ought to be someone or something to keep their mind away from the trouble for awhile. In the mean time, they are letting their mind to rest.

    Some usefull methods are sports, television, music and etc. In my opinion, the best among them is sleeping. Sleeping lets our conscious mind to rest completely, putting all the trouble behind. When the person wakes up, the brain is ready to take the challenge again with a fresh mind and body. Another way to relieve stress is by talking to a friend or family member. They should be able to help in giving good advises, in another word, two brain is always better than one. (在意見欄繼續)

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    Stressness needs to be cured immediately, if the above solution do not help, it may eventually develope into a mental disorder. Parents, school and even society should be responsible for growing rate of stressed people. However, we can do something to help.

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    When discover a person with serious depression, talk to them and even help to solve their problem. Pay more attention to the people around, they may need you.

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      Stress is a part of day to day living. As college students you may experience stress meeting academic demands, adjusting to a new living environment, or developing friendships. The stress you experience is not necessarily harmful. Mild forms of stress can act as a motivator and energizer. However, if your stress level is too high, medical and social problems can result. Therefore,here are some suggestions to reduce your stress.First of all get some sleep is one of the things you can do to reduce your overall stress that will have benefits at the office as well. In addition to reducing your stress, it will increase your energy level and your ability to concentrate.   Secondly make whatever adjustments you need to the lighting, temperature, noise level, and other controllable factors in your office   Also you should spend more time with optimistic people. Negative people will pull you down to their level. Choose to work with people who have a positive attitude instead.Both positive and negative events in one's life can be stressful. However, major life changes are the greatest contributors of stress for most people. They place the greatest demand on resources for coping. 壓力是日常生活的一部分,尤其是大學生你可能為了達到學業要求,適應新環境及適應朋友關係而經驗過壓力.你所經歷的壓力可能無害,輕微的壓力可當做你動機及活力的策動者,但是如果壓力的層次太高醫學和社會問題就隨之而來.因此以下有些建議如何減輕壓力.首先睡眠是減輕無論一般的壓力或辦公室壓力的方法之一,除了剪減輕壓力外足夠的睡眠可以使你有活力並增加你的集中力.第二任何在辦公室能夠控制的因素像燈光室溫噪音你都該加以調整.還有你應該常和樂觀的人相處凡事都往負面看的人會把你拉下來和他們同病相憐,所以要選擇樂觀的人一起工作.一個人的生活裏不論是正面或父面事件都會產生壓力.對大部分的人來說主要的壓力還是你生活重心的改變所以你也應該用所有精力來源找出克服壓力的方法.

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