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McKibben thinks that persuading people to consume less is hopeless. It would be easier, he thinks, to convince them to have only one child. That is what he tries to do in his book, Maybe One. He titled the book Maybe One because he wants to emphasize that couples should limit their family size not by force, but by choice.

McKibben anticipates that some people might argue that only children are spoiled and selfish. He maintains that is simply not true. The first research on only children was done in 1985 be G. Stanly Hall, a psychologist, who concluded that the only child had so many problems, “being an only child is a disease in itself. “Hall’s research was primitive by today’s standards, but it created the myth of the troubled only child. More recent research shows that only children are, in fact, not much different from children with siblings, except that they tend to achieve more. McKibben reminds us that Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hans Christian Andersen, and Elvis Presley were all only children.

McKibben practices what he preaches. Shortly after his daughter was born, McKibben had a vasectomy. For McKibben and his wife, it is not “maybe one” child; it is definitely only

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    McKibben認為要說服人們花費少一點是不可能的事。 他認為說服人們只生一個孩子會容易些。這就是他嘗試在他的著作-- 「Maybe One」(或許一個就好)--裡做的事。 這本書命名為Maybe One,是因為他想強調「夫妻不該因外力影響而限制家庭人數;夫妻應該憑本身的決定而限制家庭人數。」

    McKibben 預期有些人可能會認為獨生子都是被寵壞且自私的。 但他主張那完全不是事實。 1985年,心理學家G. Stanly Hall做了第一個針對獨生子做的研究 。Hall做出了結論--獨生子有一大堆問題,「身為獨生子這件事本身就是一種疾病。」 以今日的眼光看來,Hall的研究是相當原始的,但是它創造出這個迷思--獨生子是麻煩的。 事實上,更多近代的研究顯示獨生子跟有手足的孩子間並沒有不同, 除了獨生子傾向達成更高的成就這點。 McKibben提醒我們:李奧納多‧達文西、尚-保羅‧沙特、漢斯‧安徒生及貓王艾維斯‧普雷斯利全都是獨生子。

    McKibben身體力行自己的主張。 在他的女兒出生後不久,McKibben做了結紮手術。 對McKibben和他的妻子來說,「或許一個」孩子不夠好;絕對只有一個才行。

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    關於[except that they tend to achieve more]這句,achieve more可以有很多不同的解釋。因為後句說明很多傑出人士都是獨生子,根據前後文關係,個人把他翻成有所成就的意思。

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