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The Schmitts have to be careful with money. Although Bob makes a good salary as a computer specialist, they are on a tight budget. The younger children rarely get new clothes are hand-me-downs from older siblings. Joanne cuts all her children’s hair. The family never eats out except for an occasional trip to McDonald’s and their family vacations are always camping trips.

The tight budget is one drawback of having such a large family; the effort it takes just to keep track of everyone is another. Joanne confesses that she has a special calendar for her children’s birthdays so she can keep them all straight. And she says she can’t always get her children’s names quite right. When her son Benny tried to put his little sister on his shoulders, Joanne said, “Danny…I mean Teddy…I mean Benny, don’t pick her up! ”Once the Schmitts went to the zoo, and when they got there, they realized they’d left five-year-ole Rebecca, who was taking a nap, at home. (When she awoke and found herself alone in the house, Rebecca walked over to a neighbor’s.)

In spite of the work, in spite of the tight budget, and in spite of the occasional moments of chaos, Joanne says she has never regretted having so many children. “Sixteen children have multiplied my worries, but they have also multiplied my joys, “she says.”

Joanne is 47 year old, and she is not planning on having any more children, although she and Bob are doing nothing to prevent them from coming; birth control is against their religion. Joanne says, “it’s my religious belief that we were meant to fill the earth. That’s why God made man and woman. But I think God’s done with me…I hope God’s done with me now”.

Bill McKibben and his wife have a four-year-old daughter, Sophie, whom McKibben calls “the light of my life.” Although McKibben loves his daughter and his wife will never have any more children. They made the choice to have only one child.

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    Schmitts 必須小心錢。 雖然鮑伯製造如一個電腦專家的一個好薪水,但是他們在一個緊的預算上。 更年輕的孩子很少地得到新的衣服是現成的從更舊的兄弟。 瓊安剪她所有的孩子頭髮。 家庭從不除了一次偶然的旅行以外總是到麥當勞公司和他們的家庭假期在外面吃飯是野營旅行。

    緊的預算是有一個如此大的家庭一個不利點; 努力它只是拿掌握每個人的資訊是另外的。 瓊安承認,她為她的孩子生日有一個特別的日曆,如此她能保存他們全部直線。 而且她說她不能總是把她的孩子名字弄相當正確。 當她的兒子 amphe tamine 的藥片試著把他的小姊妹放在他的肩時候,瓊安說,”第一丹尼…第一低劣的女用連衫襯褲…低劣的 amphe tamine 的藥片,不接載她!

    儘管工作,儘管緊的預算,和儘管偶然片刻的大混亂,瓊安說她從未為有這麼多孩子感到遺憾。 " 十六個孩子已經繁殖我的煩惱,但是他們也已經繁殖我的歡喜 ",她說。”

    瓊安 47 歲,而且她沒有在關於有任何的孩子計劃,雖然她和鮑伯正在什麼也不做從來臨避免他們; 節育是反對他們的宗教。 瓊安說,”它是我的我們必須裝滿地球的宗教性的信念。那是 , 上帝為什麼製造了男人和女人。 但是我想上帝與我一起做…我希望上帝現在與我一起做”.

    比爾 McKibben 和他的太太有一個 4 歲的女兒,索菲, McKibben 呼叫”我的生活光。”雖然 McKibben 愛他的女兒,而且他的太太將無法有任何的孩子。 他們作了選擇只有一個孩子。

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