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八月二十三日下午六時三十分,金對岸之廈門、大澄、小澄、深江、蓮河、圍頭之中共岸砲三百四十門向金門島群瘋狂濫射,揭開震驚中外之八二三砲戰﹂。自是連日激戰,前後歷經四十四日,中共砲兵向我金門島群計發射四十七萬九千五百五十四發砲彈,陰謀以其優勢武力(其後中共岸砲增至五百六十一門),向金門進行摧毀,封鎖金門對外海空運輸,長久圍困金門,迫使我軍民自動放棄金門,終因我軍民愈戰愈勇,並同心協力於艱險危難中實施海空運補,遂粉碎其陰謀,故中共乃於十月六日自行叫囂﹁停火一週﹂,繼又﹁停火兩週﹂,後又提出﹁單打雙不打﹂之遁詞,以醜飾其失敗。 民國三十八年,中共部隊渡江南犯,東南半壁山河變色,中央政府遷播來台,國軍轉進台澎金馬。金門因地處閩海,扼閩南交通之咽喉,乃一躍而成確保台澎之前鋒。由於反共軍興,國共隔海對峙,更使金門此一區區小島的戰略地位明顯提昇,中共視金門如芒剌在背,欲除之而後快。因此,自民國三十八年古寧頭戰役至四十七年八二三砲戰這十年間,飽受中共炮火無情之洗禮鍛鍊而始終屹立不搖,成為砥柱中流的英雄島。


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    30 past six on the the afternoon of August 23 gold Xiamen heavy to settle light settle dark river lotus river enclose the Communist Party of China bank big gun 340 door of head group crazy to penetrate while being excessive to Jin Men Island of the other bank, reveal shock the world 823 artillery action Has fought fiercely day after day naturally , has gone through 44 days from beginning to end, the artilleryman of the Communist Party of China counts and launches 479,554 shells to my Jin Men Island group, advantage military force with its of conspiracy (thereafter the bank big gun of the Communist Party of China increases to 561 doors), destroy to Jinmen, blockade the foreign sea sky transportation of Jinmen , besieges Jinmen for a long time , force my army and the people to give up Jinmen automatically, end because my army and the people fight the more brave , and make concerted efforts to implement sea air transport to mend in the hard and dangerous danger and disaster , crush conspiracy its then, so the Communist Party of China to clamour by oneself on October 6 ' cease fire one week ', continue ' cease fire one week ', propose quibble of ' singles pair ' also , fail with ugly decorations their. In the 38th year of the Republic of China, the Communist Party of China army crossed in the South criminal, changed color in half mountains and rivers in the southeast, the central government moves and sows Taiwan, country's military transfer enters Taiwan and splashes Golden Horse. Because Jinmen is located in the sea of Fujian, grip the throat of the south of Fujian Province traffic , jumps and becomes the sharp point and guarantees before the platform is splashed .



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    Because army revitalizes anti-communism, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party confront each other through the sea, furthermore make the strategic position of this trivial island of Jinmen obviously promote,

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    it look at the Communist Party of China if it carry awn the Las Jinmen,it want except that and then fast.So the 38th year of the Republic of China from campaign to one year

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    823artillery action during the decade these ancient peaceful head, endure the baptism with merciless artillery fire of the Communist Party of China to the fullest extent and forges the chain and stand erect and does not shake all the time, become the heroic island of the mainstay

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