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Chemicals that are AR antagonists like flutamide, vinclozolin, and linuron also do not cause gubernacular ligament regression, although they do induce cryptorchidism.Testicular ectopia in animals treated in utero with these AR antagonists results from abnormal gubernacular ligament attachment to abdominal versus scrotal muscles rather than gubernacular agenesis.In all of our studies with antiandrogenic chemicals that alter male sexual differentiation (Gray et al., 2001), PEs are the only class that produces agenesis of the gubernacular ligaments.Some of our PE exposed rats have a phenotype that is identical to the ins13 -/- knockout male mice displaying freely moving testes which are not attached to the abdominal wall by cranial suspensory ligaments or gubernacular ligaments.In one study, in which the dams were exposed to a combination of DBP and BBP (both at 500mg/kg per day, GD14-18) none of the male rat offspring in the combination group displayed normal gubernacular ligaments while only a few males also displayed retained cranial suspensory ligaments.In a few cases in the PE studies, abnormalities of the gubernaculums were the only lesion displayed, indicating, that in these males, ins13 production was likely more affected than was Leydig cell testosterone production.However, in other males the reverse was true, indicating that the effects of PEs on Leydig cell hyperplasia and peptide and steroid hormone production are quite variable in affected animals.

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    是AR 反對者像flutamide 的化學製品, vinclozolin, 和linuron 還不導致gubernacular 韌帶退化, 雖然他們導致cryptorchidism.Testicular ectopia 在動物中被對待在子宮內以這些AR 反對者結果從反常gubernacular 韌帶附件對胃腸對scrotal 肌肉而不是gubernacular agenesis.In 全部我們的研究以修改男性性分化的antiandrogenic 化學製品(Gray 等, 2001), PEs 是導致我們的PE 被暴露的鼠gubernacular ligaments.Some 發育不全有表現型與ins13 是相同的唯一的類-/- 擊倒雄鼠顯示自由地移動的睪丸不附有胃腸牆壁由頭蓋骨suspensory 韌帶或gubernacular ligaments.In 一個研究, 在中水壩暴露於磷酸二丁酯的組合並且BBP (兩個在500mg/kg 每天, GD14-18) 的沒有男性鼠子孫在組合小組顯示正常gubernacular 韌帶當唯一幾個男性並且顯示了被保留的頭蓋骨suspensory ligaments.In 幾個案件在PE 研究中, gubernaculums 的反常性是唯一的損害被顯示, 表明, 在這些男性, ins13 生產比Leydig 細胞睪甾酮production.However 可能受影響的, 在相反是真實的其它男性, 表明, PEs 的作用在Leydig 細胞增生和peptide 和類固醇激素生產是相當易變的在受影響的動物。

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