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The worldwide personal cleansing market has grown by more than 3.1% over the last decade. This growth is expected to continue but formulators are facing tougher challenges as safety concerns and customer requests for`greener 'components increase. Shampoos and personal cleansing products are already undergoing reformulation processes to meet consumer demands. For example, suspicions of carcinogenic nitrosamine traces in cocamide DEA brought about the need for substitutes with the same viscosity enhancing properties.

Concerns are rising again with the use of components based on ethylene oxide. Glycol ethers are under strong scrutiny in Europe and the widely used surfactant sodium lauryl enter sulphate, which is a known irritant that must be formulated adequately for obtaining satisfactory mildness, may contain traces of 1.4-dioxane.

This compound has been shown to be carcinogenic in animals and is listed as a carcinogen with NIOSH. So there is clearly a need for safer and milder surfactants.

The origin of those surfactants should also be as for as possible from renewable vegetable sources. And of course having the plant name in the INCI listing is certainly something which would be perceived as a consumer benefit.

Two new ranges of surfactant have been developed:amphoglycinates(Vamasoft)

and acylglutamates(Vamacare). Both products have been designed to work synergistically.

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    全世界的個人清潔的市場已經在過去十年增長超過3.1%。 這發展預計繼續,但是當安全事務和用戶請求for¯greener components增加時,formulators正面臨更激烈的挑戰。 洗髮水和個人清潔產品已經經歷公式更改處理遇見消費需求。 例如,在cocamide迪婭裡的致癌的nitrosamine 蹤跡的懷疑有提升特性的相同的黏性引起對代替者的需要。

    關心基于乙烯氧化物帶著使用組成部分再次提升。 Glycol 醚是在在歐洲和廣泛使用的surfactant鈉的強大的細察下lauryl進入硫酸鹽, 哪個是一知名有刺激性那一定被適合獲得令人滿意的溫柔足夠闡述,可能包含1.4-dioxane的蹤跡。

    這種化合物已經被顯示在動物裡是致癌的並且被列舉為致癌物用NIOSH。 因此顯然有對更安全和更溫和 surfactants的需要。

    surfactants 起源的那些的應該也至於作為可能從完全更新源頭菜蔬。 當然有植物名字在INCI 目錄內不當然哪個將覺得一消費者好處的東西。


    以及acylglutamates(Vamacare)。 兩種產品已經被配合用于工作。

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    formulators 處方調配師

    `greener 'components 綠色植物成分

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    全世界個人洗滌的市場由超過3.1% 在過去十年增長。這成長被預計繼續但formulators 面對更加堅韌的挑戰當安全關心和顧客請求for.2agreener ..components 增加。香波和個人洗滌的產品已經接受再形成過程適應顧客需求。例如, 致癌物質的亞硝胺蹤影懷疑在cocamide DEA 被達到對替補的需要以同樣黏度改進properties.Concerns 再上升以對組分的用途根據氧化乙烯。甘醇以太是受到強的察視在歐洲並且廣泛被應用的表面活化劑鈉十二烷基進入sulphate, 是一種知道的刺激劑必須充分地被公式化為獲得令人滿意的溫和, 也野]含1.4-dioxane.This 化合物蹤影證明是致癌物質的在動物中和被列出作為一種致癌物質與NIOSH 。因此有清楚地對更加安全的需要並且那些表面活化劑的更加溫和的surfactants.The 起源應該並且是至於為儘可能從可更新的菜來源。並且當然有植物名字在INCI 目錄一定是某事會被察覺作為消費者benefit.Two 表面活化劑的新範圍是developed..amphoglycinates(Vamasoft) 和acylglutamates(Vamacare) 。兩個產品被設計協同作用地運作。

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