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    "child" really is the hard to deal with little rascal

    Some times think they very purely, but incompletely is pure.

    Some times thought they are very evil, but he is only the child which anything does not understand.

    Must educate three year old children very to be really difficult.

    Perhaps impatiently considers teaches him, has forgotten his only then three years old, frequently is angry own helplessness, also happy child's intelligent.

    Only is works as 褓 the mother very is really difficult, is not own child, must hit must scold all must look at opposite party the parents.

    Educates the child to have to have the reward to have the penalty, can let the child branch out the right and wrong.

    Opposite party parents' education idea is the love education, only can reward cannot punish,

    When the child do not want to reward, any cheats uselessly all; When the child handles the wrong matter, also does not have the means to punish him.

    The extremely mischievous child, lets want in particular to educate him the person to think very not helps.

    Chang seete in the newspaper publishes the school event, some guardians too dote on the child, instead lets teacher not extend the space.

    Is present teacher also and I equally has such not helps the feeling?

  • 阿如
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    2 decades ago

    It's hard to deal with "kids".

    I sometimes feel that they are pure, but they are not pure completely.

    I sometimes feel that they are vicious, but they are just kids without understanding.

    To educate a three-year child is really difficult.

    I may be impatient to teach him well, angry with my powerlessness, and glad about his wisdom.

    It's difficult to be a baby-sister, because children are not yours, and you have to ask their

    parents to punish their children.

    To deucate children with reward and punishment can let their children make out what is

    right and wrong.

    Unfortunately, parents' ideal of education is love, and teachers can reward their children but can't punish their children.

    When children don't want reward, it's usless to coax them.

    When children do the wrong thingsm teachers could not punish them.

    Naghty children espically make people who want to teach them feel hopeless.

    I often see the events which happend in school carry in the newspaper.

    Because some parents spoil their children, teachers could not extend their space in teaching.

    Do the teachers nowadays, as well as me, have hopelessness for education?


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