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LULU asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

20點喔 英文功課 請幫我翻譯看看 內容是有關 抱怨的

英文的功課 不過我實在是程度有點差.



1.挖塞 !!!!!!!!


3.你看看這球 進的真漂亮

4.你說 t-mac最後投的那球嗎?

5.恩 真是太利害了 唉.....


7.看到別人籃球打的那麼好 我就越覺得自己沒用..

8.怎麼會 別和別人比啦

9.不行 我想變的更強 你有好方法嗎

10.恩 你得從頭開始訓練喔

11.來吧 我不怕辛苦的

12.首先 你得從體力開始培養..每天先慢跑15圈操場吧




16.你得在訓練你的彈跳力 和反應


18.不 老實告訴你 籃球是很靠天份的依樣運動


20.沒錯 你還是打打電動的nba就好了



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    1.挖塞 !!!!!!!! Wooo! Holy Molly! Shxt (Crap)!

    2.怎麼了阿? what's going on? (happening) What's up? What is it? What the hell is going on? Wha-------t?

    3.你看看這球 進的真漂亮 Look at this, what a nice shot!

    4.你說 t-mac最後投的那球嗎? Are you talking about t-mac's last shot?

    5.恩 真是太利害了 唉..... yeah, dude, that was so cool. But... sign...

    6.你又怎麼了? Now what?

    7.看到別人籃球打的那麼好 我就越覺得自己沒用.. Man, I feel myself is like nothing when compare with those cool dude who can play basketball that well.

    8.怎麼會 別和別人比啦 Oh, Come--on, man, you don't have to compare with others.

    9.不行 我想變的更強 你有好方法嗎 No, I wan't to be better, do you have any good way to help me?

    10.恩 你得從頭開始訓練喔 Hum, you probably have to start all over from the basic for your training.

    11.來吧 我不怕辛苦的 Alright, let it come, I am not afarit of it

    12.首先 你得從體力開始培養..每天先慢跑15圈操場吧 First you have to start with fitness trainning...running 15 circles a day on the trackfield...

    13.再來ㄋ? okay, then?

    14.再來得訓練你的投籃.每天也投個500顆吧 Then you have to practice your shooting, 500 shots a day least...

    15.然後? Then?

    16.你得在訓練你的彈跳力 和反應 then you have to train your ability to jump and your reactions...

    17.做完這些我就會變強嗎? So I will be a better basketball player after all these?

    18.不 老實告訴你 籃球是很靠天份的依樣運動 No, be honest with you, man, playing baskeball needs talent.

    19所以你的意思是?????? So what do you mean?(Your point is?)

    20.沒錯 你還是打打電動的nba就好了 Yeh, dude, I think it is better for you if you just stick with your NBA games on your PS2 (Xbox, whatever)...

    22.你欠扁喔 Whatta...

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  • 2 decades ago

    不要用翻譯機啦 拜託拜託啦 這關係到我的期末考耶

    2005-12-25 15:02:49 補充:

    謝謝上面的人 喔

    但是有一點點不順 有人可以幫忙補充嗎?

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  • 2 decades ago

    1.Dig to fill!!!!!!!!

    2.How 阿 ?

    3.You see this ball to enter of true beautiful

    4.You say the t-mac throws finally of that ball?

    5.The kidness was really a gains and losses too gosh.....

    6.You how again?

    7.Seeing other people's basketball plays so I feel the oneself is useless more..

    8.How to do not compare with the other people

    9.Don't go me to want to change of stronger do you have the good method

    10.Kidness you get the from the first training

    11.Come I am not afraid and hard

    12.First you have to start developing from the physical strength..Jog 15 turns of drill grounds first everyday

    13.Come again the ㄋ ?

    14.Come again train you to shoot the basket.Also throw everyday 500


    16.You get be training you to bounce the power and reaction

    17.Do these through, I would become strong?

    18.Not honest tell you basketball depends on the a very much according to the kind to exercise

    19 so your meanings BE??????

    20.Right you the nba that still beat liked

    22.You owe flat oh


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