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牛肉 ... 225公克

青椒 ... 2個(大)

辣椒 ... 2根

薑絲 ... 1大匙

醬油 ... 1大匙

味精 ... 1/2小匙

沙拉油 ... 3飯碗

A 料

• 蛋白 ... 1個

• 鹽 ... 1/2小匙

• 酒 ... 1小匙

• 味精 ... 1/2小匙

• 糖 ... 1/2小匙

• 太白粉 ... 1大匙


1.牛肉切成細絲,用A料拌醃 20 分鐘;青椒洗淨,去蒂去籽,切成細絲;辣椒洗淨,去,切成細絲。



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    2 decades ago
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    Beef. .. 225 male gramme

    Green pepper. .. 2 (bigness)

    Pepper. .. 2 root

    Wind of . .. 1 shovel

    Sauce. .. 1 shovel

    Monosodium glutamate. .. 1/2 little shi

    Salad oil. .. 3 work

    A Materical

    ‧Albumen. .. 1

    ‧Salt. .. 1/2 little shi

    ‧ Wine. .. 1 little shi

    ‧Monosodium glutamate. .. 1/2 little shi

    ‧ Sugar. .. 1/2 little shi

    ‧ Taibai powder . .. 1 shovel

    Method's step:

    1. Beef cut become thread, use A materical mix ang 20 Minute; green pepper wash clean, go base of flower go seed, cut become thread; pepper wash clean, go, cut become thread.

    2. Salad oil enter holloware burn hot, guo guo you under shredded meat, see meat discolorment disjoin that be dredge for rise drip dry.

    3. Stay oil little in holloware, will pepper wind of, wind of burst fragrant, join shredded meat, monosodium glutamate, sauce fast fry under number, behind lay down green pepper wind of mix fry average that be fill dish of.

    Source(s): 使用網頁網譯軟体直翻
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