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    Advertising space 廣告看板There's no earthly way of knowing 凡人根本無法了解What was in your heart你心裡在想什麼When it stopped going當它停止盤算The whole world shook語言流竄A storm was blowing through you風暴已起Waiting for God to stop this只有等待老天停止這一切And up to your neck in darkness黑暗中戰戰兢兢Everyone around you was corrupted 你身邊都是腐敗的靈魂Saying somethin' 你說說話呀There's no dignity in death死亡沒有尊嚴可言To sell the world your last breath 尚存一息的你出賣世界They're still fighting over我們還在收拾Everything you left over你留下來的殘局副歌:* I saw you standing at the gates我看見你就站在門邊When Marlon Brando passed away當馬龍白蘭杜撒手人寰那刻You had that look upon your face你臉上清楚的寫著Advertising space這是廣告看板And然而No one learned from your mistakes沒有人從你的錯誤得到教訓We let our profit s go to waste我們漠視先知的預言All that's left in any case那些留下的餘味Is Advertising space就是廣告看板 *Through your eyes從你的眼中 The world was burning世界在燃燒Please be gentle求你仁慈點 I'm still learning我還在學習You seemed to say你一再出現 As you kept turning up彷彿訴說They poisoned you with compromise妥協是對你下的毒At what point did you realise你到底何時了解到Everybody loves your lies只有你不愛惜自己But you ahahhSpecial agent for the man那個人的特使Through watergate and vietnam自由穿梭水門與越南No one really gave a damn但沒有人在乎Did you think the CIA did拜託 你以為CIA 是認真的嗎副歌* 2I've seen your daughter先生呀我看過你的女兒喔Man shes cute她滿正的I was scared but I wanted to我是有點怕但我真的想Boy she looks a lot like you天阿 她跟你真像

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