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現在社會的亂象越來越多,警察越來越難做,時下的年輕人,有先已經步入崎途,想回頭已成為天方夜譚,或許他們會感嘆為何當初不好好唸書,一失足千古恨,現在才後悔已經來不及了 。




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    Now society's chaotic elephant more and more many, the police are more and more difficult to do, the present young people, had first already march into 崎 the way, wanted to turn head has become Arabian Nights, perhaps they could sigh why initially not well studied, as soon as will lose footing the eternity to hate, now only then regretted already without enough time.

    Each is studying do the large number of students, why not now study on the experience are how important, but the result is next, in school not only result, how also has to learn to be together with the person, study politeness, studies the barrier which how processes bumps into... ... Some people, result good serious, but the conduct actually lets the person be repugnant, this did not calculate a good student, how does want to be a good student?

    The result very represents him is a good student, the speech which teacher says does not listen, the school regulation 放在眼裡, bullies all day small and weakly, becomes friends with the bad student, this kind of student only can encounter social toing spurn, the good student should not be this, must become a good student, 1. is not actually difficult, to attend class the wholly absorbed earnest not chaotic unseemly behavior, school stipulation along a prescribed path observing, teacher's request must attentively complete, calculated the result is not very ideal, but in any person eye, you certainly is a in every sense of the term good student, everybody affection, everybody affirmation.

    If each people all can be a good student, inadequately for creates a social chaotic elephant's individual contribution, if present you, but also is unable to receive everybody the affirmation, do not be discouraged, is a good student well, like this in your life dictionary, did not have "regrets" these two characters.



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