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  • 柚子
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    2 decades ago
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    In my view, though he has neglected for so many year of his son, this is worth being rescued and redeemed. Because of anybody, it is unable to bear some great agony, want to escape cruel reality. Though what he made is a great mistake, he found one's own fault within a few years, and try to repent. Retrieve, mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen, it has not been late. Let alone just time of a few years, so long as treat his son wholeheartedly after him, they two's relation can still be the same to ordinary father and son.

  • 給小奇一個小建議 although後面不可以接but的

  • Bruce
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    2 decades ago

    In mine viewpoint, although he has neglected his son such many years, but this is worth redeeming. Who because no matter is, all is unable to withstand some enormous pain, wants to evade the brutal reality. Although he violates is an enormous mistake, but he has discovered own mistake in several years, and tries to repent Recalls, is better late than never, lasts has not been late. Much less only then several years, so long as he later the sincerity will treat his son, their relations still will be able to approach the ordinary fathers and sons to be same.

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