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幫幫忙 中翻英 很短一封信





1.你所了解的範圍內 只知道我是一個生意人 為什麼放心將資本交由一個陌生人處理呢?



這裡是一個充滿機會和人情味的民主國家, 如同世界上的很多其他地方一樣. 我誠心建議, 除非你熱愛這裡的人文/氣候/環境/社會 不然你沒有理由專程投資在這裡的




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    It would be my honor to assist you, but before start there are few queries that I would like to ask.

    1.Under your understanding that I am just a business man, why would you trust a stranger to be in charge of your investment?

    2.How many similar letters you have been sending out?

    3.Do you familiar with Taiwan and have you been here before?

    Taiwan is democracy country that fulls of opportunities and friendliness, similar as many other countries in the world. I sincerely suggest you unless you have strong passion for our people, climate, environment and society, there are no needs to start an investment here.

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    If can be helped to have busily

    I will feel very honoured

    But before this

    Think of and ask several questions under you:

    1.Only know in the range that you understand I am why a businessman rest assured to transfer capital to a stranger to deal with?

    2.Do you send out and seal the similar mail more or less altogether?

    3.Have you been to Taiwan and understand this country?

    Here is that one is full of chances in the democratic state with human touch, like a lot of other places in the world. I propose sincerely , unless you have deep love for the humanity here / the climate / environment / the society you have no reason to make an investment in here on a special trip


    Source(s): Dr.eye
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