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想去的景點包括大峽谷,Las Vegas, 優勝美地, Lake Tahoe, 然後從




我不需要住高級旅館,但也不要因為省錢住太爛的.. 一般普通的那種...



我們家自己有台還不錯的SUV, 不過要是考慮的哩程數的話~是否租車會比較好?



Update 2:

Really? I am also the member of AAA, like them so far.


Update 3:

I can't do this kind of No Plan trip, cause I am a girl^^"

My family wouldn't allow me if I don't have anything plan ahead. I think I am going to have a friend for company, but not sure yet at this stage.

Update 4:

By the way, driving is not a problem for me, I use to drive 8 hour from Houston to Lubbock (my school) by myself every two month.

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    1.Make sure that you tell your car rental company that you will be renting the car to travel many states.2. At all the major Hwy rest stations or Danny's restaurants, there are many hotel discount coupon books that they offer discount rate for hotels at different stops along the fwy. Most of them will save you more than $5 a night at hotels like Comfort Inn and mid-range hotels. My experience is that don't make hotel reservation and for some days just drive until you drop (until there is no more town coming up and it's getting late) and some days just take easy and enjoy (start looking for hotels on those discount books at around 2-3pm).Remember to READ the FINE PRINTS on those ads. Many of them have restrictions!(My longest driving day was with a marathon with 3 drivers drove 12 hours and 1000 miles....hehehe)3. It is better to rent a car than driving your own car. If the car broke down, the rental company will take care of it.4. Get maps and all the traveling handbooks from AAA. You can plan your trip better with these materials. I will say it will be around 10 - 12 days. It will be a pretty long trip, so give yourself 1 - 2 days of "relaxing time" for not rushing.5. Those hotels listed in the discount book usually provide breakfast (mostly danish and donuts and coffee), but saves you breakfast money in the long run. I will say it will cost around 1500 for hotel stays (maybe cheaper) and 300 for meals and 1000 for car rental (maybe more...I don't know the rate for TX rental)Err...I am sorry, but I have pretty bad memories about Texas Tech and Lubbock... We were driving to Dallas from LA and couldn't find any hotel at Lubbock...crazy Texans were chasing the Texas Tech game and it was all booked! Still cannot forget about these wind mills..heSo, when my husband had an chance to teach at Texas Tech, I said,"no thanks!"You can email me and I can give you more tips.

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    I don't like AAA that much, either. However, once you have car problem, they become pretty useful.

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    The booklets are not that useful...until you are at the middle of no where and try to find the nearest town with the nearest hotel. They have all the numbers listed and if you are lucky and have phone signal, you can call in at the last minute to make reservation!

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    Also for the point of interests, there are many boring places listed so that you can decide which ones are worth going instead of going to the wrong can also change places you want to go just because you feel like it.

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    In this case, I suggest you to go in May. The weather will be much nicer and the prices will be much cheaper. It will be best if you can go with a friend. She/he can help you look at maps, take turn driving, share the expenses, make calls while you are driving. Much nicer.

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    One thing else to mention:

    beat up rubbers...hahaha

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    給John, 謝謝哪~



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    前往優勝美地前可以加上紅杉及國王峽谷國家公園的行程,也是很棒的景點,優勝美東端有個莫諾湖也可順道一遊,小弟網站 [旅遊資料] > [美國國家公園] 中有些介紹,您不妨參考看看,網址是




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    The trip from Tahoe to Taxas takes 4 days, without taking any break on the road. I went for the trip planning help from the AAA office, which did not help me at all. That had become on of the reasons I discontinued my membership with AAA.

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    你最好先租一台性能不錯的車子,建議你找較大的租車公司,租得時間越久越便宜,記得貨比三家不吃虧。若你是從德州出發到你所要去的地方,至少要10天以上,德州到大峽谷要一天、大峽谷待一天、VEGAS一天、VEGAS到Y.M.N.P要開8~10小時的車、Y.M.N.P一天、Y.M.N.P到LAKE TAHOE約7小時,LAKE TAHOE一天、最後到COLORADO再一天、再回德州再一天,所以最少10天,若你說不趕的情況下,時間更久,何況中間還有一些不錯的景點,所以可能要15天左右吧。至於要多少錢?實在很難告訴你,住宿方面你可以在租車公司拿到很多資料,一本的住宿資料很好用,而且很便宜,都有折扣,所以你可能還要好好的計劃一下ㄛ。

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