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    1A now, I have a lot of words to want to tell you too, but, this place , ones that heave in sight are full of remembering 2 I dislike such weak oneself, even I myself can not stand such oneself soon Why these people can also be accompanied at my side , really have courage 3 I at that time, do not know how to love a person obviously , but wish eagerly to be loved extremly

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    I have many things to tell you now.But here have many memory.

    I don't like me.Why have some people can to accompany with me?They have many courage.

    Yesterday's me don't love someone but any people can love me.

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    1. Now, I have many things that I want to tell you too, but, at this place, everything I see is all memory.

    2. I hate myself to be so weak, I can't even accept myself for who I am, why thoese people can still stay around me? They have courage.

    3. I, at that time, obviously don't know how to love a person, but extremely want to be loved.

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