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chaplain n.

villain n.

billionaire n.

millionaire n.

cannonade n.

masquerade n.

marriage n.

passage n.

refusal n.

withdrawal n.

freedom n.

wisdom n.

service n.

justice n.

aging n.

blessing n.

goodness n.

likeness n.

artistry n.

bravery n.

tourist n.

novelist n.

dramatize v.

organize v.

changeable adj.

mortal adj.

afterward adv.

upward adv.

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    1/. my father spends a lot of time in church because he is a chaplain.


    2/. audiences never like the villain in movies.


    3/. bill gates is a well-known billionaire.


    4/. i wish i am a millionaire.


    5/. cannonade are used in wars.


    6/. i would love to dress up and go to a masquerade.


    7/. people tend to rush into marriage.


    8/. there is a narrow passage between the two buildings.


    9/. her refusal made me upset.


    10/. his withdrawal from the competition was a shame.


    11/. eagles soar the sky with freedom.


    12/. my wisdom tooth is hurting.


    13/. this restaurant has good service.


    14/. the law provides justice for all.

    (法律提供給我們公正 --> sorry, 不太會翻)

    15/. a healthy lifestyle slows down our aging process.


    16/. he gave me his blessing.


    17/. i believe there is goodness in everyone.


    18/. there is no likeness between the fraternal twins.


    19/. he applied his artistry in this project.


    20/. soldiers must have bravery in order to protect his country.


    21/. i was a tourist in Italy.


    22/. i would like to become a novelist when i retire from work.


    23/. my mother likes to dramatize every little situation.


    24/. i don't like to organize my book shelf.


    25/. my temper can be changeable.


    26/. no mortal power can stop a storm.


    27/. he can come afterward.


    28/. the fish in the stream is swimming upward.


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