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How to improve hearing of Eng?

In English , i heavn`t great hearing enough.

It`s always frustrated me .Could you tell me how to improve it.

Thanks you a lot!^^



Update 2:

But there is a goal i can hear as good as foreigner. =  =

Update 3:


i`m poor at English.

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    I agree with avatar for the writing part.

    As per improving listening ability, I believe the key is persistency(cliche but true). Make yourself in the mood of English all the time, but not just "listen with your ears". You have to listen and then make notes for what you understand and for what you don't understand. Check for those you don't understand afterward and gradually you will see your improvements.

    Don't think you can get them all in a short period of time, think you will be with them for the rest of your life. Pile up your vocabalury is also essential to make your English ability closer to profound.

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    are you sure you need only your english comprehesion in listening?

    sorry, i am just as frustrated as you are. our (in general) english are not good enough - in all ways.

    if you have enough money, find a english speaking host family abroad for as long as possible....

    do not have enough money or time - keep listening to ICRT or TV programs or DVD.

    do not forget to get on this english site to write more. your writing is not good either...

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    可以一開始先看字幕,後來再多看幾 次你喜歡的電影,這時就把字幕弄掉,其實國外的電視節目是沒有字幕在上面的,可以幫助你的聽力。



    聽key word跟main idea就行了


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