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My friend is mad at me

I have been very selfish lately and did not pay attention to her needs.  Something I did not do made her mad at me.  How do I make it up to her?  She really means a lot to me.


I have got her a card and told her how important she is to me. I told her that I was being such a selfish person and asked for forgiveness. But, she is still mad...

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    well... i guess you have to tell her how much you care about her also means a lots to you..

    maybe you can try to phone her first and tell her you are sorry about everything you have done to her ask her to forgive you..

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    Say sorry to her!

    Tell her that you've ignored her wasn't on purpose and clearly explain how much you care about her. I think she will accept your apology. To express your sincere intention, you can make something by your own to give her. She must be moved.

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    well... take her out for dinner, or buy her a drink...

    it always works with my friend...

    and... since it's christmas... get her a little something...

    Source(s): Friendship will never end... ^O^
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