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架恐怖!!清潔劑 隱形殺手! (1)皮膚殘害篇


> 根據國外研究市售清潔劑多含有石化成份  對人體傷害





> ◎ 石化清潔劑 自皮膚吸收對人體的傷害

> ---每天都在洗手、洗澡、洗碗盤...長時間接觸清潔劑


> ◆ 日本科學技術廳的實驗報告


> ●





> ●皮膚吸收與經口食入體內的殘留比較(依據日本科學技術廳)

>   經口食入 ==>99%會在一週內排泄,1%殘留體內。

>   經皮膚吸收==>到第十天只排泄出10%,90%仍殘留在體內。


> ◆ 依據日本阪下 榮醫博士的研究-老鼠塗抹試驗


> ●樣本:廚房用合成洗劑(濃度20%LAS糸無磷合成界面活性劑)

>   第1天 皮膚呈皺紋,有的龜裂、出血。

>   第3天 有些老鼠背部塗抹,居然腹部出血而死。

>   第5~7天 引起嚴重的皮膚病變。

>   第10天 真皮脫落,無法重新長毛。

>  (難怪最近禿頭越來越多,男士們注意了!!)


> ●樣本:市售洗髮精(濃度20%無磷合成界面活性劑)

>   第1~10天  情況大致與塗抹廚房洗劑相同

>   第15天  真皮脫落,無法長毛。


> 根據國外研究 市售清潔劑多含有石化成份 對人體有害


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    Study the city and sell the sanitizer and contain more petrochemical industry compositions according to foreign countries.Injure the human body.Absorb than enter through skin by mouthfuls of food more seriously.Petrochemical industry sanitizer Since the skin absorbs the injury to the human body.Washing hands、having a bath、washing the bowl plate every day.Contact the sanitizer for a long time.Laboratory report of the Japanese science and technology bureau.Making the experiment with the rabbit、daubs the lotion with radio isotope、the report shows that it is 0.53% to enter dosage of washing in the blood、when the skin is full of cracks or has wounds、when will rise to quantity of 100 times and enter body.(there is beriberi、not want carefully oh).The skin is absorbed and be entered the internal residue to compare(according to the Japanese science and technology bureau)by a food.Entered by a food 99% will eliminate within one week、1% will remain it in the body.Absorb through the skin.Get to only eliminate out 10%on the tenth day、90% still remains it in the body.Make the research that the honour cures the doctor - the mouse to daub and test according to Japanese Ban.Sample: Kitchen with formate lotion(thickness 20% LAS An without phosphorus to formate the active pharmaceutical of interface.)The skin presents the wrinkle on the 1st day、some are full of cracks、bleed.Some mice back is daubed on the third day、the belly bleeds and dies .Cause the serious skin pathological change on the 5th day.The 10th innocent cover comes off、it is unable to become mildewed again.(No wonder there have been more and more baldheads recently、the men have paid attention to!)Sample: The city sells the shampoo(20% of thickness without phosphorus formates the active pharmaceutical of interface)The 10th day.The situation is roughly the same with daub the kitchen lotion the 15th day.The genuine leather comes off、it is unable to become mildewed.

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