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急需!約五分鐘~八分鐘的英文對話 二人的

約五分鐘至八分鐘的英文對話 二人的 最好有中文翻譯 感謝

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    A:Would you like to see a moive this Saturday?

    B:Sure,What moive moive do you want to see?

    A:Police Academy 10.

    B:Great. What time does it start?

    A:At 7:30 and 9:30.

    B:Let's go to the 7:30 show.

    A:Okay. What time do you want to meet?

    B:Let's meet at 7:00 in front of the theater.

    A:Great. See you on Saturday then.

    B:Yeah,See you on Saturday.

    A: do you want to go shopping with me?

    B: Yes, where do we go go shop?

    A: How about the big hypermarket hehind the library?

    A: That sounds good, but do you have anything in your mind to buy?

    B: Well, I guess I need to buy some shower gel and tissue paper.

    A: Me too, I am also running out of my tissue paper.

    B: How do we go? Your car:

    A: I am sorry. My car is broken, that's why I asked you to go shopping with me and see if you can driver.

    B: No problem.

    A: Great, thank you. See you then.

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