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Ford's lines of business, which are the "customers" of Ford's Company to Dealer System (CDS), wanted more variable and immediate support. CDS maintained an automated help desk service that was fixed in price and capabilities, with little flexibility to address constantly changing dealer application needs.

Ford worked with IBM Business Consulting Services/AMS to design a "pay-as-you-go" help desk solution hosted and staffed by IBM. Computing resources for the help desk are allocated based on a quarterly computer capacity plan reflecting estimated volume of calls, user registrations, and application launches. IBM bills Ford for usage over the capacity plan at a premium to encourage efficient planning.

This on-demand arrangement has made Ford's CDS a more responsive provider of IT services, adding to retail customer satisfaction demand forecasting and capacity planning, combined with on-demand computing services Ford Europe is saving 10 percent per help desk call.

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    福特的營業範圍, 是"顧客" 福特企業的對經銷商系統(CDS), 想要更加易變和更加直接的支持。CDS 維護了被固定在價格和能力的一項自動化的詢問臺服務, 以一點靈活性對地址常數改變應用需要的經銷商。福特工作以IBM 商務咨詢Services/AMS 設計"支付和你去" 詢問臺解答由IBM 主持和雇用職員。計算來源為詢問臺調撥根據了季度電腦容量計劃反射電話、用戶註冊,

    和應用發射的估計的容量。IBM 發單福特為用法在容量計劃在保險費鼓勵高效率的計劃。這個在要求時的安排做了福特的CDS 一位更加敏感的提供者它服務, 增加來零售顧客滿意需求預測並且容量規劃, 與在要求時的計算的服務福特歐洲被結合保存百分之10 每詢問臺電話。


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