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案例翻譯 盡量不要翻譯軟體翻的 很趕著要 謝謝

In 1999, ConsultCo, a big-five consultancy firm, was engaged to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the supply chain management function at the Health Board, with a view to provide recommendations for the improvement of that function. The product of that engagement was a supply chain optimization (SCO) review report. The SCO review identified problems in business operations and suggested a combination of an organizational restructure, business process reengineering (BPR), and ES (ERP) implementation to accomplish the change program. The core financial modules of Oracle 10.7 ERP system had been implemented in l997 and were operational at the time the SCO review was conducted. However, that implementation was heavily customized and could not provide for realizing the new strategic vision that aimed to "standardize, consolidate, and integrate services... and control finances" (Strategic Plan for the Health Board 2002--2007). In addition to the recommendation of the SCO review in early 1999 the Health Board was informed that Oracle l0.7 financials was going to be de-supported by Oracle by the end of 2000, leading to the realization that a major application upgrade was urgently needed. As a result, and in partnership

with ConsultCo, an ES business case was developed wan a view to rectify these problems. The business case included eight key objectives that were linked to the Health Board's strategic plan

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    1999 年, ConsultCo, 一個大五咨詢學校企業, 參與估計力量並且供應鏈管理作用的弱點在健康委員會, 出於對考慮提供對那個作用的改善的推薦。那訂婚產品是供應鏈優化(SCO) 回顧報告。SCO 回顧辨認了問題在經營活動和建議組合的組織調整, 業務流程改建(BPR), 和ES (ERP) 實施完成變動節目。Oracle 10.7 ERP 系統核心財政模塊被實施了在l997 和可使用在SCO 回顧被舉辦了時候。但是, 那實施被定做了和沉重不能提供實現瞄準"規範化, 鞏固, 和集成服務... 和控制財務" 的新戰略遠見(戰略計劃為健康委員會2002 年-- 2007) 。除SCO 回顧的推薦之外在早期1999 健康委員會是消息靈通, Oracle l0.7 財政打算由Oracle de 支持到2000 年底, 導致主要應用升級迫切被需要的認識。結果, 和在合作

    與ConsultCo, ES 企業事例是被開發的蒼白看法矯正這些問題。企業事例包括與健康委員會的戰略計劃連接的八個關鍵宗旨

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