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乙:此校對於學生服裝和男女同學們髮型的規定。在生活上的秩序要求。。   等等都有非常嚴格且一整套的校規~!


乙:基本上非常嚴格要求不可染燙。以及男生要近乎平頭且學校檢查方式非常  高標準。沒有達到高標準的學生們通通記過。




乙:且~在台灣。高中職校的教育制度就是記過太多。累積下來就必須得要離  開此校。另找他校。也就是俗稱的退學

甲:恩~我也覺得台灣的私立學校們專有的髮禁以及高標準的學生服裝要求規  定蠻不太合理的~!!好在!我是國立學校的~!!

乙:就這樣!我的髮型以及學生服裝方面要求一直出錯(我不是故意挑戰權   威)。學校教官。老師們看到一次就記過一次。累積多了。我就必須得要



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    甲: Why you will that school before leaving? Is not the reputation of that school still good?

    乙: Because that school is that the school discipline is very strict . Guard . Private school. I am left school!

    甲: What can I say? ? ? Why is it retreated ? ? ?

    乙: Check it in regulations of the hairdo of student's clothing and male and female students in this. Require in the order in life. . Waiting a moment has very strict and a whole set of school rules - !

    甲: Such as? ? ? ?

    乙: Require strictly very much basically that can't dye hotly. And it is very high-standard that the boy student wants to be close to the crew cut and check the way in the school. Have not reached high-standard students and all recorded a demerit.

    甲: my god! That is really trained and escorted - ! !

    乙: It is A. And have an examination very more. The range to be read is very big too. Have an examination every other day .

    The pressure is really not small - ! !

    乙: And - In Taiwan. But the education system of the duty school of high school records a demerit too much. Accumulating must leave this school . Look for his school separately . That is to say that what is commonly called as leaves school

    甲: Kindness - I think too private schools of Taiwan specially what has been had send not prohibitting and demand not stipulating getting more rational very quite one of high-standard student clothing-! ! Fortunately! I belong to national school - ! !

    乙: That's settled then! My hairdo and student's clothing respect have demanded to make mistakes all the time (I do not challenge right on purpose Majestic). School drillmaster . The teachers see that record a demerit once once. Accumulate it more. I must want

    Well-behaved transformation environment. That is to say that I just mentioned - (leave school)! !

    甲: Send and prohibit . Corporal punishment. It is really very intolerable to record a demerit furiously. This will influence prospects of students. The future!

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