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有關在 機場 的口頭英文

1. 當你到機場時,聽到有人說他們的旅途 "went all pear-shaped" 請問這是什麼意思?2. 妳要搭的飛機快要遲到了,你正煩惱中,但是妳的司機告訴妳 "keep your hair on",請問他的意思是什麼?3. 在機場裡,某個人告訴妳走到 "apples and pears" 就可以到你的登機門了,請問"apples and pears"是什麼意思 ?找字典都找不到,知道的人請告訴我吧 ,好想知道 ~~^^"

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    1.went all pear-shaped是指他們的旅途真是糟透了.to go pear-shaped," means "to go wrong,to get out of control 2.keep your hair on是說叫你抱持冷靜不要太生氣keep your hair on = Keep calm and don't get angry3. apples and pears是指樓梯apples and pears = stairs

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    1.)went all pear-shaped...發生一些問題..

    2.)Keep your hair on....冷靜點!別激動!別發脾氣 ...

    3.)apples and pears...樓梯

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