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[英文] 20點~!徵中翻英翻譯高手!!(急)

這是學校要上臺用英文說新年新希望~~請大家幫忙 謝謝




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      Beyond my comprehension, it has come to the yearend again.  Very soon 2006 is coming.  How time flies!  I feel stunned and wonder if I have made the most of my time during the year.  I cannot remember when I wrote my new wishes for the new year.  Obviously I haven't thought about my plans and expectations for the new year for a very long time.  First, I will take the medium test of GEPT.  Although I know I am still not rather well prepared, yet I think I should anyway give myself a try.  I have the time and I can afford the test anyway.  Furthermore, I hope I can go to my ideal school after my graduation.  And after the entrance exam, I will find a new job.  I hope to try different jobs before having a fixed goal.  Last, I hope to really find what I am really interested in and actualize the direction of my future development.  I don't want to waste my time in studying useless courses which are irrelevant with my future development.  Thanks to Emi for giving me the chance to write down my wishes for the coming new year.  I hope everyone in the class will enjoy whatever they do in the new year.

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